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On "Emina" - (2024) - for violin and viola - (2024)     


On "El vito" - (2024) - for violin and viola - (2024)     


On "Dulce, dulce" - for violin and viola - (2024)     


On "Estaba la calavera" - for violin and viola - (2024)     


On "Al pasar por el cuartel" - for violin and viola - (2024)     


On "A la puerta del cielo"  for violin and viola - (2024)      


On "Megy a gőzös" - for violin and viola - (2024)      


On "Két szál pünkösdrózsa" - for violin and viola  - (2024)   


On "Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt" - for violin and viola  - (2024)   


Canon and Fugue for Three Violins and Basso Continuo - (2024)   


On "Hová mégy te, kisnyulacska?" - for violin and viola - (2024)   


On "Ég a gyertya, ég" - for violin and viola - (2024)   


On "With a Chicken on my Back" -  for violin and viola - (2024)   


On "You must be bornd agin"-  for violin and viola - (2024)   


On "Heaven's Bright Shore" -  for violin and viola - (2024)   


On "Davy Barnum" -  for violin and viola - (2024)   


On "Ole Turkey-Buzzard"  for violin and viola - (2024)   


Tidbits for Piccolo and Flutes - (2023)   


Tidbits for Three Clarinets - (2023)   


On "À l'intérieur d'une citrouille" - for violin and viola - (2023)       


On "Ah ! Les crocodiles" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "Allongeons la jambe" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "À Paris sur mon petit cheval gris" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "À coco, gendarme" - for violin and viola - (2023)   


On "Tanz tanz Yidelekh" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "Di Sapozhkelekh" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "Der stiler bulgar" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "Frailach" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


On "Sherele" - for violin and viola - (2023)    


Sonatina for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone - (2023)    


Tidbits for Bassoons - (2023)        


Tidbits for Flutes - (2023)    


Coffined in the Clouds - for harp - (2023)    


Tidbits for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet - (2023)          


Tidbits for Oboe and English Horn - (2023)    


On "Graj, Skrzypku, Graj" - (2023)    


Tidbits for Flute and Clarinet - (2023)    


Chacones for Alto Flute and Harp - (2023)    

   i.    Allegretto
   ii.   Andante
   iii.  Adagio
   iv.  Presto
   v.   Allegro


"...go your way till the end" - (2022)    

    for oboe or oboe d'amore and organ


Sonata for Trumpet and Piano - (2022)    


Partita for Oboe and Piano - (2022)    


Jennybenny Counterpoints - (2022)       (direct link)


Suite for Flute, Violoncello and Harpsichord - (2021)   

   i.    Allegro
   ii.   Andante
   iii.  Prestissimmo
   iv.  Grave
   v.   Allegro
   vi.  Adagio
   vii. Allegro con brio


Aquarelles - for flute, viola and harp - (2021)    


Partita No 8 for Harpsichord - (2021)    


Suite for Flute Quartet - (2021)    

   i.     Allegretto
   ii.    Allegro
   iii.   Andante
   iv.   Allegro
   v.    Allegretto
   vi.   Presto 

   vii.  Lento

   viii. Prestissimmo 


Partita No 7 for Harpsichord - (2020)    


Partita No 6 for Harpsichord - (2019)    


Partita No 5 for Harpsichord - (2019)    


Partita No 4 for Harpsichord - (2019)    


Rosenduft - Lied ohne Worte für Violine und Klavier - (2019)    


Nigun for Clarinet and Piano - (2019)    


Partita No 3 for Harpsichord - (2019)    


Partita No 2 for Harpsichord - (2019)    


Partita for Harpsichord - (2019)    


Sonatina for Bass Clarinet and Positive Organ - (2018)    

   i.   Adagietto, allegretto

   ii.  Presto

   iii. Largo

   iv. Prestissimo


Sonatina for Harp - (2018)    

   i.   Andantino, presto ma non troppo

   ii.  Adagio

   iii. Allegretto ma non troppo


Sonata for Flute and Piano - (2018)    

   i.   Allegro

   ii.  Adagio

   iii. Tempo primo, adagio

   iv. Allegro, l'istesso tempo


Sonatina for Clarinet and Positive Organ - (2018)    

   i.    Adagio

   ii.   Allegretto, adagio, allegretto

   iii.  Presto ma non troppo


Sonatina for English Horn and Positive Organ - (2018)    

   i.    Andante, prestissimo

   ii.   Adagio

   iii.  Adagietto

   iv.  Prestissimo


Sonatina for Bassoon and Positive Organ - (2018)    

    i.   Presto ma non troppo, Andantino

    ii.  Andante

    iii.  Tempo primo


Sonatina for Oboe and Positive Organ - (2018)    

   i.   Allegro giocoso

   ii.  Allegretto lirico

   iii. Allegro


Sonatina for Flute and Positive Organ - (2018)    

   i.   Allegro

   ii.  Adagio

   iii. Presto ma non troppo


Gauguin joue sans pantalon - (2018)    

   for harmonium


Princess Caroline's Waltz - (2017)    

   for harmonium


Suite for Harmonium and Piano - (2017)    

   i.   A piacere, andante

   ii.  Presto ma non troppo

   iii. Largo

   iv. Adagietto gracioso


Le Tombeau de Messiaen - (2017)    

   for harp and organ


...wie zwei Flöten süß - (2017)    

   for two flutes


On a Gesture of Hahn - (2017)    

   for harp


Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in E minor - (2017)    

   for harmonium


Pavane - (2017)    

   for harmonium


On Progressions of Fauré - (2016)    

   for harp


On Progressions of Messiaen - (2016)    

   for harp


On a Moment from Chausson - (2016)    

   for harp


On a canzone of Granados - (2016)    

   for harp


On a Theme of Bartók - (2016)   

   for harp


On a Theme of Langlais - (2016)    

   for harp


On a Theme of Tournemire - (2016)    

   for harp


Five Reveries and Fugues for Harp - (2016)    


Sonatina for Wagner Tuba and Piano - (2016)    


Alice's Humoresque - (2016)    

   for tenor trombone and piano


Quartet for Violas - (2015)    


Sonatina for Violoncello and Piano - (2015)    


Canons in A for Two Violins - (2013)    

    i.    Presto

    ii.   Andante

    iii.  Vivace


Rondo cantabile - (2013)    

   for cembalo and organ


Canons in G for Two Violins - (2013)    

    i.    Largo, allegretto

    ii.   Adagio

    iii.  Allegro


Quartet for Strings in E - (2013)    

   for string quartet

     i.    Andante

     ii.   Allegretto

     iii.  Andante

     iv.  Lento

     v.   Prestissimo


Sonatina for Trumpet and Organ - (2013)    


Fanfare, Voluntary and Fugue in A - (2012)    

   for two trumpets and organ


Verses and Circular Fugue - (2012)     

   for vibraphone, piano, harp and violins


Suite für Orgel, Klavier und Streichquartett - (2012)     

   for portative organ, piano and string quartet

    i.   Moderato affetuoso

    ii.  Allegretto, lento e allegretto

    iii. Largo e allegro con brio


Voluntary, Elegy and Fugue in C - (2012)    

   for trumpets and organ


Bagatelle and Little Fugue - (2011)    

   for violoncello and piano


Possum Lullaby - (2011)    

   for tuba and piano


Fancy, Farrago and Fugue - (2010)    

   for clarinet quartet (3+1)


Vier Elemente und Fuge - (2010)     

   for saxophone quartet


Jiddische Melodien - (2010)    

   for flute, viola and harp





Quartet for Winds - (2010)    

    i.     Contrappunto giocoso

    ii.    Cantabile

    iii.   Adagio leggiero

    iv.   Capriccio


Sonatina for Violin and Piano - (2010)    

    i.     Giocoso

    ii.    Cantabile

    iii.   Caccie e contrappunto


Follies, Flights and Fugues - (2010)    

    for voila and piano


Sonatina for Trumpet and Piano - (2009)    

    i.     Allegro giocoso

    ii.    Adagio lirico

    iii.   Contrappunto


Sonatina for Viola and Piano - (2009)    

    i.     Giocoso

    ii.    Anadante cantabile

    iii.   Contrappunto e fuga


Le violoniste vert - (2009)     

   for violin and piano


Sonatina for Violin and Piano - (2009)      





Rondo cantabile (for horn and organ) - (2008)   


Serenade for a New Beginning - (2008)


Sonatina for Violin and Piano - (2008)         






Quartet for Horns - (2007)         

     i.    Rondo allegro

     ii.   Motet

     iii.  Allegro con slancio


Sonatina for Oboe and Piano - (2007)         

     i.    Giocoso

     ii.   Andante

     iii.  Allegro


Sonata for Oboe and Violin - (2007)     

     i.    Caccia

     ii.   Rondo cantabile

     iii.  Contrappunto e finale


Piano Trio in E minor - (2007)    






All is One - (2003) (John Donne)    
   for mezzo soprano, harpsichord and string quintet (or mezzo soprano and piano, four hands)


Klage - (2003) (After "Klage" of Rainer Maria Rilke)      
   for string sextet or String orhestra
    i.     ...und lange vergangen
    ii.    Unter den großen Himmel
    iii.   Wie eine weiße Stadt


Quartet for Strings in D major - (2003)    
    i.     Allegretto con moto
    ii.    Andante cantabile
    iii.   Elegia
    iv.   Fantasia e finale


Sextet for Strings in E flat - (2003)    
    i.     Allegretto pizzicato
    ii.    Adagio espressivo
    iii.   Scherzo
    iv.   Contrappunto


Variations on "Ah! vous dirai-je, Mamam" - (2003)    
   for B-flat clarinet and piano


Sonatina for Flute and Harp in F major - (2003)     
    i.     Arabesca 
    ii.    Lirico 
    iii.   Arietta e passacaglia 
    iv.   Giocoso 


An Echo from the Shore - (2002) Text adapted by the composer from the Late Works of Walt Whitman    
   for soprano, oboe, violin, violoncello and harpsichord
    i.     Prairie Sunset 
    ii.    Fancy Dance 
    iii.   Grown Old 
    iv.   Valse Triste - "Querilities" 
    v.   Halcyon Days and Oblivion 


Elegy for Violoncello and Piano - (2002)     


Sonata for Flute and Harp in C flat major - (1998)     
    i.     Giocoso 
    ii.    Lirico 
    iii.   Quasi improviso 
    iv.   Rondo piccolo 


Daphne and Apollo - (1996) a chamber ballet for six players    
   for English horn, horn in F, tenor trombone, percussion, harp and contrabass 


Jacob's Ladder - (1994)     
   for harp and organ