Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund



Orchestral Music


Concerto in C for Piano and Chamber Orchestra - (2017)    


Concerto in D flat for Piano and Chamber Orchestra - (2017)    


Konzert für Klarinette und Streichorchester - (2016)    






Concerto grosso in C major - (2003)
   for harpsichord, organ and strings
    i.     Allegretto
    ii.    Andante sostenuto
    iii.   Adagio
    iv.   Fantasia e affetuoso

Concerto grosso in B flat major - (2003)    
  for harpsichord, organ and chamber orchestra (trumpet, horn in F and strings)
    i.     Allegretto con spirito
    ii.    Andante Cantabile
    iii.   Adagio
    iv.   Vivace

Concerto grosso in G minor - (2003)    
   for harpsichord, organ and strings
    i.     Introduzione e allegro
    ii.    Quasi improviso e cantabile
    iii.   Elegia
    iv.   Rondo finale  


Klage - (2003) (After "Klage" of Rainer Maria Rilke)    
   for string orchestra (or string sextet)
    i.     ...und lange vergangen
    ii.    Unter den großen Himmel
    iii.    Wie eine weiße Stadt


Lügenmärchen - (2001) anon."Deutsches Kinderlied und Kinderspiel" 
   for baritone and orchestra (or baritone and piano)


Concerto grosso in B major - (1997)   
   for organ, harpsichord and orchestra

          (Composed for All Saints Church and the Pasadena Chapter, American Guild of Organists)

    i.     Improviso, cantilena e contrappunto
    ii.    Lento assai
    iii.   Rondo cantabile


Concertino for Flute, Harp and Strings - (1996)    
    i.     Allegretto giocoso
    ii.    Andante cantabile
    iii.   Lento leggiero
    iv.   Contrappunto


Lore Lay - (1995) Clemens Brentano 
   for mezzo soprano and orchestra (or mezzo soprano and piano)