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Serenade for a New Beginning - (2008)    

for piano or chamber ensemble (flute, harp and string quartet)

for Erin Iler


Scott and Erin Iler are neighbors on the south of my brother's home, and charming and intelligent new parents. The composer, Eugene Zador, composed a Lullaby for the birth of my son, Jeff, as well as another titled Serenade for a Beautiful Baby for an artist who recently contacted me but who wished to remain anonymous as regards this connection. In Eugene's example, I offer this little Serenade to a next generation with love as did he, also with love.


This simple serenade is an A-B-A structure, with a short contrasting middle section. The major seven chord in third inversion is the basis of the serenade thereby emphasizing the seventh of the scale and its major chords, and with its tonic and subdominant emphasis and final sus4-2 cadential gestures relying on four and five note chords throughout.


Erin Iler


An MP3 demo of the edition for piano is here, ,  [ 2.93 MB, 3' 05" ]


The score for Serenade for a New Beginning is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.


Serenade for a New Beginning

edition for piano


An MP3 demo of the chamber ensemble (flute, harp and string quartet) is here, ,  [ 3.2 MB, 3' 10" ] For the score and parts for this edition, please contact me by the address and format as found under Miscellany in the banner above, including the title of the piece.