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This site contains many of my scores as well as texts, commentary on both texts and music, along with miscellaneous articles and poetry. Most scores are available free as PDF downloads. The main language of this site is English. Its pages include English paraphrases and translations from other languages as well as historical information about the authors whose words I have set into song -- something of who they were and are, what they have given and still give to us.  It is intended that this site be a resource for any who have interest in my work as it progresses, and that the content of this site give joy, insight and stimulation to those who come to the works herein. No cookies and no personal data are recorded herein.


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Andante lirico and Fugue - for organ

Essay on the Hymn Tune, "Africa" - for organ

On "Razbolje se care Sulejmane" - for violin and viola

Allegro in G major - for organ

On "Snijeg pade na behar, na voće" - for violin and viola

On "Emina" - for violin and viola

Canons for Oboe, Violin and Harpsichord

On "El vito"  for violin and viola

Chaconne in E flat - for organ

Meditation on "Oh, taste and see" - for organ

On "Dulce, dulce" - for violin and viola

Pastorale in F - for organ

On "Estaba la calavera" - for violin and viola

Scherzo in D minor - for organ

Carson's Pavane and Galliard -for organ

On "Al pasar por el cuartel" - for violin and viola

Make a joyful noise - for organ

Adagio leggiero in F sharp - for organ

Adagio leggiero in B flat - for organ

On "A la puerta del cielo" - for violin and viola

Allegretto imitato - for organ

Adagio leggiero in B - for organ



"Christ Church Meditation" - Alice




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