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PAASCH, Susanne  (b. 1944)


                  10 settings and 5 opera libretti


                  Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten - (2013)    

                        libretto after the brothers Grimm, with original material

                         a Singspiel in one act, for nine soli and piano or chamber ensemble        


                  Es war einmal - (2012)    

                         libretto after the brothers Grimm, with original material

                         an opera in one act, for three soli and piano or chamber ensemble


                  Lied der Rosa - (2006)   

                         for soprano or mezzo soprano and piano


                  Professor Unrat - (2012)

                         libretto after Heinrich Mann, with original material

                         an opera in two acts, for twelve soli, mute role, small choruses, stage banda and orchest


                  Effi Briest - (2015)

                         libretto after Theodor Fontane

                         an opera in two acts, for thirteen soli, with orchestra


                  Reigen - (2018)    

                         libretto after Arthur Schnitzler, with original lyrics

                         an opera in ten scenes and nine interludes, for ten soli and chamber ensemble


                  Reigen Liederbuch - (2018)    

                         for voice and piano

                             i.     Lied der Dirne
                             ii.    Lied des Soldaten
                             iii.    Lied des Stubenmädchens
                             iv.    Lied des jungen Herrn
                             v.     Lied der jungen Frau
                             vi.    Lied des Gatten
                             vii.   Lied des süßen Mädel
                             viii.  Lied des Dichters
                             ix.    Lied der Schauspielerin


PARKER, Dorothy   (1893-1967)


                  Love Songs - (1990)    

                             i.     Two-Volume Novel
                             ii.    Pictures in the Smoke
                             iii.    General Review of the Sex Situation
                             iv.    Theory
                             v.     Symptom Recital


                  Song in a Minor Key - (2008)    

                           for mezzo soprano and piano


PEAKE, Mervyn -  (1911-1968)

      A Book of Nonsense - (2008)

             ( noted herein as a Work-in-progress, release date Spring 2009 )

             for high, medium or low voice and piano (three editions)

                  i.         The Dwarf of Battersea

                  ii.        Little Spider

                  iii.       O Little Fly

                  iv.       'It Worries Me to Know'

                  v.        How Fly the Birds of Heaven

                  vi.       Of Pygmies, Palms and Pirates

                  vii.      And Old and Crumbling Parapet

                  viii.      It Is Most Best

                  ix.        O'er Seas That Have No Beaches

                  x.         'Come, Break the News to Me, Sweet Horse'

                  xi.        An Angry Cactus Does No Good

                  xii.        I Cannot Give You Reasons

                  xiii.      The Trouble With Geraniums

                  xiv.       Crocodiles

                  xv.        O Love! O Death! O Ecstasy!

                  xvi.       O Here It Is! And There It Is!

                  xvii.      I Have My Price

                  xviii.     Lean Sideways on the Wind

                  xxix.      Tintinnabulum

                  xx.        The Hideous Root

                  xxi.       The Men in Bowler Hats Are Sweet

                  xxii.      Shrink, Shrink

                  xxiii.     Aunty Jane (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxiv.     Aunty Grace (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxv.      Uncle Wog (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxvi.     Aunty Flo (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxvii.    Aunty Vi (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxviii.   Uncle Sam (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxix.      Aunty Nag (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxx.       Aunty Mig (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxxi.      Aunty Jill (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxxii.     Uncle Jake (Aunts and Uncles)

                  xxxiii.    Crown Me With Hairpins

                  xxxiv.    Squat Ursula

                  xxxv.     Leave the Stronger

                  xxxvi.    The Thread Remains

                  xxxvii.   The Adventures of Footfruit

PEPLER, Harry Douglas Clark (1878–1951)

       The Law the Lawyers Know About - (2008)    

              for medium voice and piano

PETER, Brigitte   (b. 1936)

         Ein Zungenzerfitzler, in Unsinn Poesie (1995)

                for medium voice and piano

PÉTÚRSSON, Hallgrimur   (1614-1674)


                    Lausn - (1995)      

                          for high soprano and piano (or organ)     

                               i.     Sungið, sagt og ted      

                               ii.    Þurfamaður      

                               iii.   Daglega     

                               iv.   Lofa pinn guð

POUND, Ezra   (1885-1972)


                     Ancient Music - (1991)          
                           for baritone and piano 


                    Art - (2010)     

                           for medium or high voice and piano


                    Beautiful Women - (2009)     
                           for baritone and piano


                    The girl in the tea shop - (2009)     
                           for baritone and piano


PRÉVERT, Jacques   (1900-1977)


                   Chanson des escargot qui vont à l'enterrement - (2003)     
                          for soprano and piano


                   Deux petites chansons - (2006)    

                         for soprano and piano

                                 i.    Chanson

                                 ii.   Alicante


PUCCINI, Giacomo   (1858-1924)


                  Sole e amore (1993)    

                         for high voice and piano


PULLAIN, John   (1517-1565)


                   Give Laud Unto the Lord, in Three Psalms (2005)

                        for bass and organ