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NASH, Ogden   (1902-1971)

The Pig, in Poets on Pigs (2005)

    for mezzo soprano and piano

National Women's Christian Temperance Union

 God's Bottles (2005)   

   for medium or high voice and piano

NEBER, Manfred     (1939-2000)

Sechs letzte Wort-lieder - (2010)    

   i.     Wortschlingen

   ii.    Strandlust

   iii.   Das Licht

   iv.   Tanz

   v.    Stille

   vi.   Wo die Stille aufspringt

NEIHARDT, John G.     (1881-1973)

Let Me Live Out My Years - (2009)   

   for baritone and piano

NIXON, Richard Milhouse   (1913-1994)

I'm not a Crook, in Seven Presidential Pardons (2007)