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OBAMA, Barak Hussein II    (b. 1961)

Well, we are out of money now - (2009)    

   for medium voice and piano

O'CAROLAN,  Turlough  (1670-1738)


               It's drink that uplifts (2007)

                   for high voice


O'LOUGHLIN, Michael (b.1958)


               Anne Frank (1992)                   

                    for soprano and piano


O'NEILL, Eugene (1888-1953)


              A Regular Sort of a Guy (2007)     

                  for medium voice and piano


              It's Great When You Get In (2008)

                   for medium or high voice and piano


ORWELL, George     (1903-1950)

Ironic Poem about Prostitution (2009)

   for baritone and piano

OWEN, Wilfred   (1893-1918)

The Send-Off, in Songs of War (2004)     

    for baritone and piano