Effi Briest


Effi Briest  -  (2015)    

Libretto by Susanne Paasch after Theodor Fontane


Effi Briest



Adapted several times for film, Fontane's German language novel is touching, poignant and masterful. Of it one reads: "Today Effi Briest is widely discussed and taught at German schools. It has greatly influenced German writers, including Thomas Mann in his creation of Buddenbrooks. Mann said that if one had to reduce one's library to six novels, Effi Briest would have to be one of them." Wikipedia , n. d.

The libretto, adapted by Berliner Susanne Paasch, is respectful of the novella in language, tone and storytelling. Intermezzi between scenes are intended to advance the tale in an active way, through either video of other storytelling methods as a director might create. The singers and orchestra details are below, and piano-vocal and orchestra scores' links follow.


Solisten:  Effi Briest (Lyrischer Sopran, auch Lyrischer Mezzosopran gr. P.) -- Geert, Baron von Innstetten (Bariton, gr. P.) -- Major Crampas (Tenor, m. P.) -- Luise, Frau von Briest und Effis Mutter (Mezzosopran, m. P.) -- Ritterschaft von Briest und Effis Vater (Bassbariton, m. P.) -- Alonzo Gieshübler (Tenor, m. P.) -- Marietta Trippelli (Mezzosopran, m. P.) -- Roswitha, Kindermädchen(m. P.) -- Geheimrat Wüllersdorf - (Bariton, m. P.) -- Johanna, Dienerin (Sopran, kl. P.) -- Annie, Effis Tochter ( Mädchen, kl. P.) -- Bertha Jahnke (Sopran, kl. P.) -- Hertha Janke (Sopran, kl. P.)


Orchester:  3 Fl. (I auch kl. Fl.), Ob., Kl., B-Kl., Fag., Hr., Schl. (2 Spieler), Klav. (Konzertflügel - Bühne), Cel., Positif Orgel,  Hrf., Viol. I divisi, Viol. II divisi, Br. divisi, Vcl. divisi, Kb. divisi

Some "models" as examples of intermezzi mjay be seen below:


Erster Aufzug   |   First Act


Intermezzo 1.   Verlobung.


Intermezzo 2.  Hochzeit und Flitterwochen.



Intermezzo 5.   Effis Traum.


Intermezzo 6. Effis Albtraum.



Intermezzo 7. Bilder vom Meer und Küste.

Intermezzo 8. Annies Tauffeier.  



Zweiter Aufzug    |    Second Act


Intermezzo 11. Berliner Festgesellschaft: Sylvesterfeier 1900.


Intermezzo 12. Bilder von Berlin, Kinderspiele.



Intermezzo 14. Nachtzug und Duell.


Intermezzo 21.   Requiem für Effi..



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