Concerto for Bassoon and Strings - (2022)   


A cadenza as exposition comes first in this concert work, and the solo bassoon states one of the subjects of the movement a piacere. In two harmonic domains, it spans much of the instrument's range and, quietly at first, the strings are introduced, beginning in the contrabass at the return to the tonic and statement of the fugue subject.



 The bassoon's opening gestures past, the fugue subject now appears in the dominant over pizzicato strings, and then the game's afoot.



An andante in G sharp Lydian breaks the mood for a more lyrical moment, the accompaniment first, then the first violins sing their melody before the solo bassoon joins in.



An adagio follows the andante, as the solo bassoon revisits the opening cadenza, and the divisi first and second violins passing with some quasi-polytonal coloration as the harmonies changes in a quiet wash of sound.




Thereafter, the "andante's" theme returns in G sharp, at the slower adagio tempo. The restatement plays out as a short gesture from the first movement prepares for the allegro, as another fugue erupts con brio.



20 pages, circa 12' 30" - an MP3 emulation of the work is here: 


The score and parts are available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this score.


Concerto for Bassoon and Strings

Full score 


Solo Bassoon