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This site contains many of my scores as well as texts, commentary on both texts and music, along with miscellaneous articles and poetry. Most scores are available free as PDF downloads. The main language of this site is English. Its pages include English paraphrases and translations from other languages as well as historical information about the authors whose words I have set into song -- something of who they were and are, what they have given and still give to us. Such artists throughout the ages deserve our respect for the scope and content of their work. It is intended that this site be a resource for any who have interest in my work as it progresses, and that the content of this site give joy, insight and stimulation to those who come to the works herein. No cookies and no personal data are recorded herein.


Expectans Expectavi - text of Charles Hamilton Sorley -

for medium voice and piano

In April - text of Margaret Lee Ashley - for medium voice and piano

Rudkin - text of Kenneth H. Ashley - for baritone and piano

On "Polly Wolly Doodle" - for piano

Beinchen - text of Joachim Ringelnatz - for medium voice and piano

On "An Eala Bhàn" - for piano

Elses Liebeslieder - texts of Else Lasker-Schüler -

for mezzo soprano and piano

Musik für ein gemütliches Gläschen - for piano

Eine Reise in die Nacht - for piano

On "Vuprem oči" - for piano

Rechtfertigung - text of Hugo von Hofmannsthal -

for soprano and piano

On "Rozhinkes mit Mandlen" - for piano

Sonatina for Bass Clarinet and Positive Organ

A looming loveliness - for organ

The air is fair and kind today - for organ

On "The Pigtown Fling" - for piano

On "Vill ni köpa sill?" - for piano

On "The Drunken Landlady" - for piano

Reigen Liederbuch - texts of Susanne Paasch

Reigen - opera in ten scenes



"Effi Briest" -- libretto von Susanne Paasch nach Theodor Fontane


Intermezzo 2. von "Effi Briest" - Hochzeitsfeier und Hochzeitsresie


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