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This site contains many of my scores as well as texts, commentary on both texts and music, along with miscellaneous articles and poetry. Most scores are available free as PDF downloads. The main language of this site is English. Its pages include English paraphrases and translations from other languages as well as historical information about the authors whose words I have set into song -- something of who they were and are, what they have given and still give to us. Such artists throughout the ages deserve our respect for the scope and content of their work. It is intended that this site be a resource for any who have interest in my work as it progresses, and that the content of this site give joy, insight and stimulation to those who come to the works herein. For more information about the site itself please click on the links above for that purpose or click on a subject in the banner above or titles below.


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Suite for Harmonium and Piano 

On "s'brent" - for piano four hands

Concerto in E for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

On "Ershter vals" - for piano

The Willow-Tree - text of Charles Dodgson - for medium voice and piano

Le Tombeau de Messiaen - for harp and organ

Tommy - text of Charles Dodgson - for high voice and piano

Concerto in A for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

Facts - text of Charles Dodgson - for soprano and piano

From a New Theory of Parallels - text of Charles Dodgson - for tenor and piano

Concerto in C for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

Yesterday was glad - text of Charles Dodgson - for medium voice and piano

On a Theme of John Biggs - for piano

Concerto in D flat for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

On "Cluck Old Hen" - for piano

On "Old Rosin the Beau" - for piano

On "Avondstilte overal" - for piano

On "Čiūčia liūlia dukrytėla" - for piano

On "Qué linda manito" - for piano

On "Wade in the Water" - for piano

'Weh Down Souf  - text of Daniel Webster Davis - for medium voice and piano

Twenty-Four Little Fugues for Organ

On "L'arbre est dans ses feuilles" - for piano

On "I've been 'buked" - for piano

Waltz Fugue around C major - for piano

Zeitlos - text of Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz -

for baritone and piano

Seid gut zueinander - text of Ilse Weber - for mezzo soprano and piano



"Effi Briest" -- von Theodor Fontane -- ist unsere neueste, gemeinsame Oper, die in diesem Jahr 2015 abgeschlossen sein wird. Hier sind einige Musikbespiele, die schon einen Einblick in die Komposition geben. Lassen Sie sich vom 1. Aufzug überraschen.  Susanne Paasch, 2015. 



Intermezzo 2. von "Effi Briest" - Hochzeitsfeier und Hochzeitsresie



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