Concerto in G for Harpsichord and Chamber Orchestra - (2018)   


The idea of a work for harpsichord as solo instrument in a small ensemble has appealed to many, with new repertoire written throughout the 20th century, among them composers Poulenc, de Falla and Górecki.


This small work in three movements opens with a largo as celesta and strings begin quietly. A theme is stated beginning at the a tempo which then is taken up in other guises, in both the major and minor of G.




The theme is then lightly varied from major to minor as the harpsichord takes its place as the solo instrument



A second theme in stated energetically in octaves in the strings and thereafter with winds as well.



A slower movement with the oboe as solo over the strings and harpsichord breaks the mood and major key which concludes the first section. The oboe's theme is a variant on the opening theme.



The last movement's beginning theme in the bassoon is a variant of the first section's lively tune, now treated in an undisciplined fughetta form as the final theme piles upon itself as the half measure, and the whole of this short work ends rousingly.



43 pages, circa 12' 00" - an MP3 emulation of the work is here: 


The score and parts are available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this score.


Concerto in G for Harpsichord and Chamber Orchestra

Full score - A4 edition


Solo Harpsichord