Wo bist du itzt - (2017)    

Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz

for tenor and piano


Wo bist du itzt, mein unvergeßlich Mädchen,
Wo singst du itzt?
Wo lacht die Flur, wo triumphiert das Städtchen,
Das dich besitzt?

Seit du entfernt, will keine Sonne scheinen,
Und es vereint
Der Himmel sich, dir zärtlich nachzuweinen,
Mit deinem Freund.

All unsre Lust ist fort mit dir gezogen,
Still überall
Ist Stadt und Feld. Dir nach ist sie geflogen,
Die Nachtigall.

O komm zurück! Schon rufen Hirt und Heerden
Dich bang herbei.
Komm bald zurück! Sonst wird es Winter werden
Im Monat Mai.

5 pages, circa 2' 10"

Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz (1751-1792)


Where are you now, my unforgettable maiden,
Where do you now sing?
Where does the meadow laugh, where triumphs the little town,
That possesses you?

Since you are far away, no sun wishes to shine,
And heaven
Unites itself with me, gently to weep after you,
With me, your friend.

All our joy has gone away with you,
Silent everywhere
Is city and field. It flew after you,
The nightingale.

Oh return! Already shepherd and flocks
Anxiously call you hither,
Return soon! Otherwise it shall become winter
In the month of May.

Translation copyright © 2015 by Sharon Krebs, reprinted on this website with kind permission, as found in The LiederNet Archive .



 A quick tempo in 6/8 emphasizing the eighth notes in the accompaniment underpins a lyrical yet ardent vocal line. The form is a simple ABBA, with the first phrase interpolated between phrases and sentences.



The score for Wo bist du itzt is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.


Wo bist du itzt