Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund

Music and Texts of  GARY BACHLUND

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The Emperor's New Clothes - (1994, rev. 2012)    

Gary Bachlund

After a story by Hans Christian Andersen

For bass (Privy Counselor), baritone (Minister-of-State), high baritone (Duke), soprano (Duchess), mezzo soprano (Lady Broadbottom), character tenor (Emperor), lyric tenor (First Weaver) and lyric soprano (Second Weaver) and chamber ensemble piano, harpsichord, percussion and string quintet.   (circa 50")



Piano-vocal score

Chamber ensemble



Also in German translation by Annette Z├╝hlke: Des Kaisers neue Kleider.



This most famous of the Andersen fables has been adapted to include a comic assassination conspiracy by the the emperor's "loyal" government ministers, and ends with the "moral" that a government needs figureheads behind which the real business is done. A political comedy, which has been replayed many times over in other guises by governments throughout the ages.


The other three one-act operas in the Four Fables are:


Prelude to a Fable - (1994, rev. 2017)


The Little Match Girl - (1994, rev. 2016)


A Love Charm - (1994, rev. 2017)


These Four Fables based on stories of Andersen all share the same chamber orchestration: