Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund

Music and Texts of  GARY BACHLUND

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The Little Match Girl - (1994, rev. 2016)    

Gary Bachlund

After a story by Hans Christian Andersen


For lyric soprano (Match Girl) and chamber ensemble (piano, harpsichord, percussion and string quintet).  (circa 11')  



Piano-vocal score

Chamber ensemble


Also in German translation by Annette Zühlke: Das kleine Mädchen mit den Streichhölzern.



This famous fable tells of the poor little girl who must sell her few matches on a cold winter's night. To keep warm, she lights them while thinking wonderful dreams, and eventually dies in the street.


The other three one-act operas in the Four Fables are:


Prelude to a Fable - (1994, rev. 2017)


The Emperor's New Clothes - (1994, rev. 2012)


A Love Charm - (1994, rev. 2017)


These Four Fables based on stories of Andersen all share the same chamber orchestration: