Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund



The Queen of Upper Downerstuff


                The Queen of Upper Downerstuff did flibber-flabber in the buff, and when she thought she had not enough, she'd take a little sniff and snuff.  In vein did she her days abuse with all the strangest rendezvouses, while trampling over all taboos, and this she did just to amuse.
                That Queen of Upper Downerstuff alas, hard pressed to find enough, became quite grisly grim and gruff when times became so very tough. In vein she did her nights abuse down darkened lanes and avenues, until she gathered scrape and bruise where youthful skin did once enthuse.
                Sad Queen of Upper Downerstuff did lose her throne, her furry muff, her scepter and her royal stuff, for all did pass but fisticuff....

                In vein her dreams did seep and ooze, leaving seeping residues, for horrid was the final news; the Queen was dead from drugs and booze. Long live Upper Downerstuff! A new Queen rises, rude and rough, her throne a bared and brazen bluff, her regal blather, huff and puff.

                In vein she'll follow former cues, and consistently thereby confuse and sadly, horribly misuse all the things life's darkness brews. Long live Upper Downerstuff!

Copyright © 2010 by Gary Bachlund


Envoi:  "...deaths are on the rise from overdoses of all sorts of drugs, despite efforts to formulate them in ways that make the drugs more difficult to abuse. 'The United States is experiencing an epidemic of drug overdose (poisoning) deaths,' the CDC's report reads. 'Since 2000, the rate of deaths from drug overdoses has increased 137 percent, including a 200 percent increase in the rate of overdose deaths involving opioids (opioid pain relievers and heroin).' More people die from drug overdoses, CDC says, than in road accidents." In "Drug Overdose Deaths Hit 'Alarming' New Record in U.S., CDC Says," by Maggie Fox, NBC News, 18 December 2015.