Societal Norm



Societal Norm - a formless form

                  Societal Norm is a changeable chap, yes, a change able chap is he. His hard, fast rules, each quite a trap, evolve unabashedly. He calls for a this, but then a that, then picks another right out of his hat.  He pushes away from being pinned down which makes him often seem a clown.

                  Societal Norm was once a rock, but he changes now with each tick tock. He rages at this, then rages at that, into the fire from his frying pan's fat. He twists into pretzel folded shapes, and down the byways he will traipse. Parades and protests paint his streets and incoherent are his bleats.

                  Societal Norm spawns chimeras ripe with nonsense and societal tripe. It is a this until it's that! One won't catch up to this acrobat. Walk away from his huff and puff, and he'll grow angry soon enough. Evolving in his nuanced ways explains just why he often strays.

                  Societal Norm can be Norma too, depending upon the climate's brew. When men can be women, and women can be men, Norm's words mean nothing but -- more flames in windows, opened and shut. Being tolerant of intolerance toys with whims and film-flam of great noise.

                  Societal Norm struts into view, and Norma stirs the media brew. Societal Norm shifts shape and aim, in order ever to assign more blame. Stigmas whistle for their dogs, confusion reigning in dense fogs. Think you have a handle then? Wait a moment. Think again.


Copyright © 2019 by Gary Bachlund