Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund




                  A politician found some seed which begged him, "Let us grow. Plant us in some dark, rich soil, for you should surely know that given time that follows time we shall most surely show what comes from nature as from God, though the growing might seem slow."

                  The politician thought it thoroughly through, and answered with a smile, "Dear little seeds, I hear your cares and have thought some little while. While you are right to say growth daily comes, I'll not wait but rather cook you with a happy smile."

                  Somewhere in the world there comes growth to feed man's gut and soul, but then some politicians come along and take some from the whole, as if to do some worldly good and fill sad hunger's bowl, but truth be told they take too much for that was their only goal.

                  That politician looks for seeds like those he found one day, but finds too many are now gone, quite eaten long away, and wonders who might be a fault when blame shall come to say someone did not let the seedlings grow but nibbled them away.


Copyright © 2008 by Gary Bachlund