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"The US budget deficit rose 22 percent in October from a year ago, to $120.0 billion, as spending outpaced revenues, Treasury Department data released Tuesday showed. Spending jumped 16 percent to $304.3 billion, while revenue rose 13 percent to $184.3 billion last month, the Treasury said." In "US budget deficit jumps 22% in October," France 24, 13 November 2012

             Max, the waddling credit card, fattened on so much oozing lard. It was just a matter of ticking time before some slaughterer drenched in slime did cut away the dross, the flab, heedless of Max's raging gab about justice social against the budget ax, as came the time to slaughter Max.

             Weimar, Max's distant cousin, a century earlier found he was in a blubbering mess quite like Max, though such comparisons were deemed attacks. Weimar could not bear his weight, and so he fell as was his fate. Max, it seems, forgot this tale, or maybe thought the story stale.

             Lessons should be taught and learned, but all too often they are spurned because, like Max, too many spend their lives denying to their end that some things never ever change, but when they're chided to arrange their lives in better, slimmer ways, they'd rather charge all in a daze.

             Max, our waddling credit card, broad in beam and laced with lard gained and gained, or so he thought, until time came and he was caught. Hoisted on the butcher's hook, he'd cried aloud, and shrieked, "Oh look! See a great injustice done! All that I did was good clean fun!" Screams of agonized despair were not a plan for late repair. Rather knives were drawn and honed, and taken back was all once loaned, for trust and credit die in time, and Max, like Weimar, past his prime, was divvied up, each pound of flesh, for only then could things start afresh.


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