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Wiegenlied - (2003)   

Clemens Brentano

for medium voice and piano

for James Earl Gromis, one year old, on the occasion of his father's fiftieth birthday

Singet leise, leise, leise,
Singt einflüsternd Wiegenlied,
Von dem Monde lernt die Weise,
Der so still am Himmel zieht.

Singt ein Lied so süß gelinde,
Wie die Quellen auf den Kieseln,
Wie die Bienen um die Linde
Summen, murmeln, flüstern, rieseln.


[ 3 pages, circa 1' 30" ]

Clemens Brentano


Sing so softly, softly, softly,
sing a whispered lullaby,
from the moon you'll learn the pathway,
that so still through heaven leads.

Sing a song so sweetly mild,
like the springs trickling out of pebbles,
like the bees on the lime tree
buzz, murmur, whisper....



This song, intended for soprano or mezzo soprano and piano, will also serve as a theme for a string trio. The accompaniment is a music-box figure, and the melody is simple as should be a lullaby. A fantastical retelling of the Lorelei myth by Brentano is also set to music, for piano or orchestra. Titled by Brentano - Lore Lay. On that page, a short biography of Brentano can be found.


The score is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.





Below is a snapshot of the young Mr. Gromis, for whom it is suggested that one "sing so softly, softly, softly...." The universal notion of a lullaby has its roots in all cultures and ages of man. One can easily imagine that Clemens Brentano had a young child for whom he intended his gentle poem, just as I had another young child in mind in composing the setting to Brentano's words. For my own son, Jeffrey, the noted composer and arranger Eugene Zador had composed a sweet Lullaby as well. Composing a lullaby for another child seems only apt, therefore.


James Earl Gromis