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Today's Story of Waste

"Despite months of dire warnings and millions in taxpayer dollars, less than half of the 229 million doses of H1N1 vaccine the government bought to fight the pandemic have been administered -- leaving an estimated 71.5 million doses that must be discarded if they are not used before they expire." Rob Stein in "Millions of H1N1 vaccine doses may have to be discarded", Washington Post, April 1, 2010

                  Let's run here!  Let's run there!  Let's run to just about anywhere!  Let's be scared!  Let's be snared in a panic that we're not prepared!  To and fro!  Wait, let's go!  Let's everybody panic with the tax payers' dough!
                  Oh, dismay!  What a day!  Squander public money the pharmaceutical way!  We're all doomed?  That's presumed.  All the vaccine simply can't be consumed!  Ominous threat?   Whaddaya bet this was all ginned up by the political set?  What?  W.H.O.?  Me?  We shall see.  Someone made a tidy sum in this panic spree.  That's today.  Whaddaya say?  Tomorrow will likely be just like yesterday.  Therefore, let's just throw all the evidence away.


Copyright © 2010 by Gary Bachlund