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The debtory

"In 2004, the federal debt was $7.3 trillion. This rose to $10 trillion when the housing bubble burst four years later. Today it exceeds $18 trillion and is projected to approach $21 trillion by 2019. When you break this down to an amount per taxpayer, the numbers are substantial. The chart below contains this data which shows how it has more than doubled over the past 11 years, rising from $72,051 per taxpayer in 2004 to $154,161 today. As the debt continues higher, the liability of every taxpayer is also rising. The change in the amount of the federal debt per taxpayer from 2004 to 2015 represents an average annual increase of 7.16%. This is much more than the average annual wage increase during the same period." In "National Debt Tops $18 Trillion: Guess How Much You Owe?" by Mike Patton, Forbes, 24 April 2015.

             The treasury holds no treasure, for there is none for it to hold. Debts and debts and debts and debts might be wonders to behold; such is but treasure in reverse, a poor travesty too bold. That comes from what's called leadership when stupidity is bankrolled.
             Treasure once was tangible, now it's a gossamer thing, and the only tune in the treasury is the debtors' song we sing; debtory would be the better term to name this entity and speak more clearly to all men of the damage collaterally.
             When treasuries hold no treasure, they are empty in their name, with the piling up of crushing debts the far more treasured game; this is plain and simply said, when words are a tangled knot. A treasury without a treasure is a national form of rot.
             How much, citizen, do you owe which cannot be repaid? How big are the numbers as the path to hell is laid? How long do words matter when numbers tell a lie? How corrupt is vision which cannot even try? How bright are those bright boys who fiddle to cook the books and how corrupt are their recipes? Are they bankers or banked crooks? Treasuries without treasure are measures without measure, and who will stand against arithmetic's displeasure?
             What have you, citizen, when the state declares you chained to debt you have not bargained for and is stated unexplained? What will you, citizen, when you soul is bought and owned, pay upon your bill, when no payment may be postponed?
             Citizen to serf, enslaved and stamped with debt's long numbered stain, you'll find your betters atop your heap will your miseries disdain. The debtory assigns your guilt in numbers glowing red, and piles more as days go by until you are long dead. Such is the way the debtory is profligate with you, because you are expendable under debt's twisting screw.


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