Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund


The angry storyteller

"So what are we to do? It is time to take back the narrative. Time to tell our stories." In "A president now unable to explain a narrative," by By Melissa Harris-Perry, CBS News, 14 April 2011

                 Look over there! No, don't look here! If you do, oh my, I fear you won't see what I'm pointing at but rather see just where I'm at. Where I'm at might contravene my staging of a well-staged scene.  So look over there, but don't look here!  Or else you'll see my cynical sneer.  Everything's as I say it is, for I shall be your storytelling whiz who cries look there!  No, not here!  Looking here might interfere with looking there, as I demand.  Do it now, else a reprimand will punish you for looking not at exactly what I set as plot.  All comes undone if you would shun how plain are all my tales so spun. The tales I tell are the scenes I sell.  The scenes I sell conjure up a spell.  Mirrors, smoke, each little joke, meant to feed you, and to provoke. Question: are my scenes untrue?   Questioning's a vicious thing to do.  So, look at that!  No more chat!  You must see what I'm pointing at!   Reality can be rude, harsh, unfair; before plain truth tales haven't a prayer.


Copyright © 2011 by Gary Bachlund