Music and Texts of Gary Bachlund


The Law of Logical Argument

Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.

                No (or yes, for yes may be no) proves to be logical argument's buffalo.  Everything is possible, one might crow in a rip-snorting no-yes crescendo.  Yes (or no, for no may be yes) is really a matter of a logical guess.  The heard of buffalos loud coalesce in critical mass as they all effervesce.   No -- not no -- no sometimes means yes is some logical argument's logical mess by which the cleverest nitwits confess it all makes sense cloaked in buffalo dress.
                Yes (and no, yes) trips into no, to dance to the simpleton's fandango as the brightest and best buffalo laugh under the sun, all can be so nouveau.   No and yes verily take hands and twirl their hands to stitch, knit and purl day after day, as years pool and whirl, "talking about" whipping the frothiest swirl.   Yes and no collapse in a heap, laughing like buffalos sheared like sheep.   Anything's possible was caught deep asleep, while reality crept in and made them all weep.


Copyright © 2011 by Gary Bachlund