Sonatina for Violin and Piano (2009)


Sonatina for Violin and Piano - (2009)    


i.          [ 6 pages, circa 2' 30" ]


This three movement sonatina opens with gestures in which the violin interlocks with the triadic harmonies of the piano to introduce a jaunty 12/8 theme as the "tonic" for this small rondo form. The bass line in the piano is reminiscent of soft show rolling bass lines which add the underlying rhythm for syncopations above.



ii.           [ 2 pages, circa 3' 05" ]


The center movement is a slow cantabile for violin laid out over four measures spans in the piano which feature non-standard tonal regions for the shape of the arch. This urges the violin line to sevenths and flatted "blues" thirds within the overall C major tonic.


iii.        [ 5 pages, circa 2' 45"  ]


The last movement is a simple song form, the center section in the same tempo and meter, but whose notation makes the quieter portions of this movement seem slow in contrast to the opening gambits. The breaks in octaves in the piano recall stride piano chord spacings.


The score for the Sonatina for Violin and Piano (2009) is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-oboe score and separate oboe part, fifteen pages in total.


Sonatina for Violin and Piano (2009)

full score 8½x11


Sonatina for Violin and Piano (2009)

violin part 8½x11