Sonata for Flute and Piano in C flat major

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Sonata for Flute and Harp in C flat major - (2003)     

    i.     Giocoso  [ 4 pages, circa 1' 30" ]


This sonata is composed in the natural key of the orchestral harp, and nowhere in the four movement work is there to be found a single accidental outside the key signature. The giocoso is simply a sweet romp through the tonic major.




  ii.    Lirico     [ 2 pages, circa 1' 30" ]


The lyric second movement is a song form, with the flute essaying an arabesque above the harp's theme.


    iii.   Quasi improviso  [ 2 pages, circa 2' 15" ]


This seeming improvisation is in the relative A flat minor, the harp carrying forward a rudimentary ground bass over which the flute offers its responsive voice.



   iv.   Rondo piccolo   [ 4 pages, circa 1' 45" ]


The final movement is a little rondo of four episodes between the statements of the theme, allowing the flute to soar to its upper octaves. Each episode is different in the manner of the rondo form, and each is of varying length.



[Total duration - 12 pages, circa 7' 00" ]


The score is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphics below for this complete full score and separate flute part.


Sonata for Flute and Piano in C flat major