Nimm mich


Nimm mich - (2102)    


for medium voice and piano


Nimm mich dir zu eigen hin,
Nimm mein Herze zum Geschenke.
Alles, alles, was ich bin,
Was ich rede, tu und denke,
Soll, mein Heiland, nur allein
Dir zum Dienst gewidmet sein.

1 page, circa 1' 20"

"S. D. G" from an autograph by G. F. Handel


Take me to you as your own,
Take my heart freely given.
All, yes all, that I am,
What I say, do and think,
I shall, my Lord, only be
Dedicated in service to you.




The anonymous text is from circa 1724, and was used by J. S. Bach in his cantata, Sie werden aus Saba alle kommen, BWV 65, in an elaborate da capo aria for tenor in an elegant 3/8 meter, horns and oboes echoing and adding lines to the full ensemble. The above autograph showing the abbreviation, S. D. G. or "soli Deo gloria," is in Handel's work, so noted as in Bach's work and many other composers.


An organ work of mine is so titled, Soli Deo gloria, which came about for my association with organ builder, Manuel Rosales. The notion that all we are is 'of God' is common to a number of religions and in their various denominations. For this, I chose this text as a simple, small work, a hymn rather than an extended aria with the orchestra interlude as conceived in the great thoughts of our "Papa" Bach. The sentiment is nonetheless the same, and reminds me of a conversation with one of my neighbors, Matthias Menge, about the wisdom of being grateful -- Dankbarkeit -- for so much in our lives, from the greatest to the smallest gifts granted us.



The several interior lines of this hymn add poignancy to the more simple melodic line above.



The score for Nimm mich is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this score.


Nimm mich