Humoresque and Fugue in F major


Humoresque and Fugue in F major - (2012)    

for piano


Over the morning coffee, my wife and I were discussing metrical divisions; who doesn't do that? Posing the question, what does 8/8 suggest, she sang out the rhythmic version of 3+3+2. Amused by the music in her response, I conjured up a head motive for this piece and then dashed it down with the remainder of my normal, almost devotional pot of coffee with milk.


The notated ornament adds to the scherzo-lie look of the score, and the contrapuntal textures alternate with triadic episodes for variety.



The fugue subject is based on the head motive, of course, and is introduced with a contrapuntal voice to further stress the groupings of threes and two in succession. For the most part the fugue is a two-part invention, rubato suggested for the fun of it.



3 pages, circa 3' 20" - an MP3 demo is here: 


The score is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano score.


Humoresque and Fugue in F major