Humoresque and Fugue in E flat minor


Humoresque and Fugue in E flat minor - (2102)     

for piano

for Dan Danielli


The leading tone in the minor informs most of the piece, melodically more than in terms of functional harmony. After a short introduction, the theme of the humoresque sings out over  accompanying arpeggios. The left hand answers with the half steps of B-A-C-H, but not in their more normal tonic or dominant positioning. An episode of polytonal colors breaks the texture before a return to the  first theme.



The fugue subject embraces both duple and triple possibilities of the meter, employing the leading tone to both tonic and dominant in its first gesture. A second phrase repeats an octave higher, before the answering voice introduced the subject in the dominant. A treatment in stretto ends the fugue.



3 pages, circa 2' 50" - an MP3 demo is here: 


The score is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano score.


Humoresque and Fugue in E flat minor