Gute Nacht!


Gute Nacht! - (2010)    

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

for medium voice and piano


Essen, trinken, das erhält den Leib
's ist doch mein liebster Zeitverstreib,
das Essen und Trinken.
Labt mich Speis und Trank nicht mehr,
dann ade, dann Welt, gute Nacht!

So ein Brätchen, ein Pastetchen,
ach, wenn die meinem Gaumen winken,
dann, dann, dann ist mein Tag vollbracht.

Ach, und wenn im lieben Gläschen
Sorg und Gram darnieder sinken,
dann aller Welt dann gute Nacht!

[ 2 pages, circa 1' 40" ]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Eating, drinking, all that my body "may"
Is my favorite whiling the hours away,
Such eating and drinking.
Refresh me no more with food and drink
And then, farewell, cruel world, good night!

So then, something roasted, something baked,
Oh, that for which my palette's ached,
Then, yes o then, my day's quite right.

O, and also a glass of Chardonnay
Would make care and grief quite drop away,
And then, dear world, good night!





The text was set by Mozart in his canon, K. 234. The text is often attributed to him, and I have found no other reference indicating another. It seemed quite the fine text for a classically structured solo song. The opening vocal gesture leaps a sixth, in mimicry of enthusiasm for said "eating and drinking." The 8 measure phrase is repeated up a step in the tonic, as the vocal line separates the two words; might one imagine over-enthusiasm or perhaps even a hiccup from the over-indulgence?



The rising cascade of diatonic scales suggests growing enthusiasm, perhaps afforded through the "little glass." For this the vocal line then wishes us all a simple "good night," with a button in the accompaniment.



The score for Gute Nacht! is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.


Gute Nacht!