Fanfare, Voluntary and Fugue in A


Fanfare, Voluntary and Fugue in A - (2012)     

for two trumpets and organ

Rainer Auberbach gewidmet


For two trumpets in B flat and organ, this work is festive in nature. The fanfare is for all three instruments taken as a Gestalt. the registrations are intended as relatively simple -- a principal chorus on one manual, a flute and smaller mixture on a second, pedal of 16' and 8' to which a 16' reed is sometimes added, and a short bridge to the fugue is intended for an 8' flute alone as contrast to what went before.



The theme of the voluntary is introduced by the organ's gesture, and then the trumpets and organ in canon make statements at the interval of one measure. The bright, raised fourth adds a Lydian flavor to the work, while several digressions to the subdominant ensure the lowered fourth of the tonic major ensure a counterbalance. A development of gestures follows.



The short interlude for organ alone diffuses the forte cadence of the voluntary, restating and then breaking from the Lydian color within this moment.



The fugue theme is stated first in the organ, then second trumpet and finally in the first trumpet. The theme is accompanied by a second line rooted on A Lydian, and then visits to a number of related domains follows. This fugue subject is then stated as a double fugue, the theme from the voluntary appearing together with it. Textures and gestures from the voluntary act as episodic materials.



16 pages plus parts, circa 8' 15"  - an MP3 demo is here: 


The score is available as a free PDF download formatted for both letter and A4 size paper, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this score with parts (29 pages).


Fanfare, Voluntary and Fugue in A - 8½ x 11

score and parts


Fanfare, Voluntary and Fugue in A - A4

score and parts