Downwardly mobile


Downwardly mobile

 "Michael Greenstone, who was chief economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers in 2009 and 2010, says the shift to a downwardly mobile society may be lasting. 'Children are not earning as much as their parents, and I think we’re laying the seeds for that to continue into the future,' he says." In "American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals" by Elliot Blair Smith, Bloomberg, 21 December 2012.


                 There are dreams which like eagles soar, like windjammers, builders and much more.  There are nightmares in which loss takes place, and these now seem the more likely case as an economist notes there is a shift to nightmares as the dreams get stiffed.
                 Who's laid those seeds for the future then?  That economist said "we," the government when  downwardly mobile is a sweet, dulled phrase implying a sort of slow malaise.  But for the ones who downward slide, there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  The economist spoke of a future day when less for more will be on display.  Perhaps the wisdom of these fools will see that government has not the tools for growth towards an upwardly mobile life, but only for warfare and debt-fed strife.  Who has more and who has less becomes the rules of this form of chess where to take away from those who have is proffered as a sort of saving salve in which the less will more yet get as legal pilfering is real, not threat. 

                 And so dreams which like eagles soar turn into nightmares, painful, sore.  Children are not earning what parents got?   Such he says is their future lot.  And as dreams fade, which the title states, each downwardly mobile suffocates.

                 At least we know government pays itself, and thinks it not some sort of pelf, but when an economist makes the case for fading dreams and a losing race, we find that all the working folk are slowly, slowly going broke, while fat cats of the governing class grow brazen, greedy, hard and crass. Downward go the mobile masses while government grows its governing classes. This is how great dreams all fade as some nightmares are by government made.

                 Downwardly mobile is a turn of phrase to obfuscate loss which comes and stays.  Chief economist?  Oh so smart?  What was then his largest part in this shift to watching dreams fall down in the fattened city named Washington town?  Laying the seeds?  They're planted then.  And of the harvest?  Coming when?  Government fumbles, blathers, talks.  Then governments blames and away it walks.  Haughty are such men of power, insulated in their government tower.  Downwardly mobile for many these days, as government postures and yet betrays the dreams which can like eagles soar, if it were not for government -- the helpful whore.


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