Die Zeit ist hin


Die Zeit ist hin - (2008)     

Theodor Storm

for mezzo soprano and piano


Die Zeit ist hin; du löst dich unbewußt
Und leise mehr und mehr von meiner Brust;
Ich suche dich mit sanftem Druck zu fassen,
Doch fühl' ich wohl, ich muß dich gehen lassen.

So laß mich denn, bevor du weit von mir
Ins Leben gehst, noch einmal danken dir;
Und magst du nie, was rettungslos vergangen,
In schlummerlosen Nächten heimverlangen.


Hier steh' ich nun und schaue bang zurück;
Vorüberrinnt auch dieser Augenblick,
Und wieviel Stunden dir und mir gegeben,
Wir werden keine mehr zusammenleben.

[ 4 pages, circa 3' 20" ]

Theodor Storm


The time is gone; thoughtlessly you lost yourself
And softly became more and more distant from my heart;
I seek to hold on to you with sweet effort,
But I know full well, I must let go of you.

So let it be then, before you are too long gone
Out to another life, to thank you again;
And you shall not care what could not be saved,
In the sleepless nights of homesickness.


Here I stand and look back anxiously;
Mulling over this moment,
And how many hours were given to us,
We cannot live any longer together.



Triads in both hands separate four and five note chords across wide spacing, as the vocal line's triple rhythm contests with the accompaniment's duple, and when the accompaniment joins the triple rhythm, the vocal line becomes duple in a contradistinction akin to the separations and contrary distinctions which portend and capture dissolving relationships.




A moment of rhapsodic nostalgia intervenes, as Storm's text "thinks back" in some pleasant recollections and in gratitude for a time now past, before the present moment and its realities return yet again, as did the text and setting begin.




A short cycle of songs by the same poet, composed for soprano or mezzo soprano is titled Drei einfache Lieder von Theodor Storm.


The score for Die Zeit ist hin is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.


Die Zeit ist hin