Auf Wiedersehen - (2016)   

Wilhelm Busch

for baritone and piano


Ich schnürte meinen Ranzen
Und kam zu einer Stadt,
Allwo es mir im ganzen
Recht gut gefallen hat.

Nur eines macht beklommen,
So freundlich sonst der Ort:
Wer heute angekommLen,
Geht morgen wieder fort.

Bekränzt mit Trauerweiden
Vorüber zieht der Fluß,
Den jeder beim Verscheiden
Zuletzt passieren muß.

Wohl dem, der ohne Grauen,
In Liebe treu bewährt,
Zu jenen dunklen Auen
Getrost hinüberfährt.

Zwei Blinde, müd vom Wandern,
Sah ich am Ufer stehn;
Der eine sprach zum andern:
Leb wohl, auf Wiedersehn.

3 Pages, 3' 10"

Wilhelm Busch


I tied up my old kit bag
And traveled to a town,
Where of it I could brag
I had never known a frown.

Yet unease lingered there
In this otherwise friendly place:
Those arriving without a care
Soon left without a trace.

Weeping willows for its crown,
Its waters flow and sigh;
All disappear from time's town
As happens by and by.

One who has not horror harkened
Remains true through love's goodbye;
Seeing dim eyes darkened
Yields solace in their passing by.

Two blind men, wearied, worn,
On that shore I saw there then;
One to the other had foresworn:
Farewell, until we meet again.


rhymed paraphrase of the composer



 The simple, minimalist pattern repeats, as does the arch of two-measure gestures, each moving from an a tempo to ritardando. The harmonic scale and breadth is simple, small adjustments to successions of tonal colors. The strophes are set in verse form. For other settings of Busch's poems, click here.




The score for Auf Wiedersehen is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.


Auf Wiedersehen