Almendros en flor


Almendros en flor - (2010)    

Ana María Fagundo

for medium or high voice and piano

por Ana María con admiración


Vuelven los almendros
                    con su nieve cálida
                                                                  y confortante,
a orillar de alegría
                              los aún frós campos.

This text and its translation (2009) are under copyright, and as such are not reproduced here in their entirety. 


[ 3 pages, circa 2' 40" ]

Ana María Fagundo


Almond trees in bloom


Once again the almond trees                                        
with their warm, comforting           
border the still-cold fields                 
with joy.


The text comes from Fagundo's collection, Materia in Olvido - Matter in Oblivion, Spanish texts with English translations on facing pages by Philip O. Gericke, noted as "with the collaboration of the poet." Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Micromeria, Ediciones Idea, 2009.


Ana María sent me a copy, writing on the front plate, the edition is "in the two languages I love: the language of Machado and the language of Emily Dickinson." As my sweet revenge for her kindness, I penned a setting for the first text in the collection and sent it be return post. Such is the exchange which artists may have, one with another, by giving from their own arts and admirations. She has graciously consented to allow me to make this song setting available herein.



The setting is available in two keys, for medium or high voice as per the ranges noted above. It is a simple setting in something of an ABA form, the accompaniment under the vocal line lingering on the tonic major for six measures, before moving to the subdominant major in like manner. The vocal line is folk-like and simple, to tell of renewal in life and through the seasons' change. (These examples come from the low edition.)



The center section halts the flowing eighth notes for sustained four note chords, before a gentle return to the opening theme and a final, quiet final cadence.




The score for Almendros en flor is available as a free PDF download, though any major commercial performance or recording of the work is prohibited without prior arrangement with the composer. Click on the graphic below for this piano-vocal score.


Almendros en flor

medium key


Almendros en flor

high key